Waukesha High School
Class of 1955

Our High School is now the
"Les Paul Middle School".

What do the following words have in common?



April, 2019

Welcome to April. Here are some interesting facts about the month.

* The birthstone for people born in April is the diamond, one of the hardest substances on earth, and one that formed deep in the earth, even if we don't know how long ago that happened. The word diamond comes from the early Greek word adamas, meaning untamable and related to our word adamant.

* Noah Webster Copyrighted the First Edition of His Dictionary in April. The famous language expert Noah Webster was a bit of an April fool: one of his dearest wishes was to reform English spelling for Americans, to make it simpler and more obvious. Millions of school children would go for that. Webster's proposals included removing all double vowels. Bread would be spelled bred; friend would become frend; tuf for tough, laf for laugh, kee for key, and speek for speak. He also wanted us to spell machine masheen. Kind of glad it didn't happen.

* What can you possibly say about Leonardo da Vinci in 100 words? He was a painter, a scientist who painted many pieces of religious art; he was fascinated by the flight of birds and the mechanisms of guns. He was a Renaissance genius for his and any other time, capable of turning his hand to anything. And he was born in April.

* Just in case you thought that only marvelously talented people and gifted people were born in April, Adolf Hitler, surely one of the most depraved leaders ever, was born in Austria on April 20th, 1889. This is why Sally Williams Winkler NEVER told anyone what her birthday is.

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